The SUNS Center provides resources and support to Charter Schools to help them provide appropriate educational services to at-risk students. Through the provision of on-site technical supports to school site staff and the delivery of direct services to students, the Center assists Charter schools in building capacity to best meet the needs of students at-risk for both academic and behavior problems.

While the Center’s main emphasis is support to Charter Schools, any school in the Greater New Orleans area may contact the Center for services. The SUNS Center is a private, non-profit agency funded by Baptist Community Ministries through the School Leadership Center.

The Center serves three main functions:

  1. Provision of Direct Services to meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  2. Provision of Support Services to student who are at-risk and the staff who work with them.
  3. Provision of Information and Referral Services to school site staff to assist them in implementing instructional programs for students who are at risk academically or behaviorally.