SLC Learning Initiative


The Learning Initiative is a one-year counseling and training program conducted between the first and second Summer Institutes a Fellow is required to attend. The Learning Initiative helps the Fellow designate a four to five-member team to design and implement a more insightful and effective School Improvement Plan at the school site. This team meets on Saturdays to participate in SLC workshops which provide strategies for effecting positive school change.

Leadership team members are taught the basic principles of:

  • Team building;
  • Collaborative leadership;
  • Understanding test score data for school improvement by school, grade and student;
  • Developing and implementing action plans for school improvement.
  • This team will join the Fellow at the second Summer Institute.

“My SLC-LI Team presented our (school improvement) plan to the certified faculty members. They did so in a 1 1/2 hour Whole Faculty Study Group-like model meeting with groups of 8-10. I was SOOOO proud of them! Some of their slides are directly from our Saturday meetings. They used strategies like “point and go,” the “Parking Lot,” and even dancing to keep their learners engaged. I am looking forward to seeing all stakeholders be involved in implementing our plan.” 

-Mary Jane Smith, Principal Honey Island Elementary School, St. Tammany Schools