Jill Jackson

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Join us on June 17 & 18!

Jill and Amy at our 2018 Session

Excellent school leaders get great results because of their knowledge…and their hard and fast skills on how to use that knowledge to increase the odds that the instruction sticks for their students! In our two-day session together we’re going to focus on strengthening both our leadership knowledge and our leadership backbone. What does backbone look like in the real life of a leader? Backbone looks like:

  • The willingness to stand for the things that make a difference in student outcomes,

  • The wisdom to determine what is not worth your staff’s time, and

  • The conviction to have the tough conversations along the way in order to keep the main thing the main thing in our schools!

If knowledge was enough for us to get excellent results, we wouldn’t need this session! But we know that leadership is so much more than just a head filled with knowledge…leadership succeeds through daily conversations and consistent actions. In our time together we are going to get real practical and very real about how you can fuel up for 2019-2020…with your backbone enthusiastically in pace! 

June 17 & 18, Two Day Workshop includes:

-Get A Backbone Principal book

-Planning Workbook


-Networking and Collaboration

Group Rates Available

$600 Participation Fee

$400 for SLC Fellows

June 17 & 18 at

Lakeview Christian Center

Jill Jackson 2 Day PD


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