The Flagship Program of SLC:
Fellows, Summer Institute and SLC Learning Initiatives

Since 1997, more than 650 principals and assistant school leaders from public, private, parochial, and charter schools in Southern Louisiana have completed the two-year leadership training and development program. The Fellows Program is designed to create exceptional school leaders through intensive job-embedded professional development, training, and mentoring. Long-term, comparative data analyses by SLC indicates that schools whose school leaders enrolled in the Fellows Program improved at twice the rate of the state average in their Louisiana Department of Education School Performance Scores.

The Summer Institute and SLC Learning Initiatives programs are progressively linked to assist Principals, Assistant Principals, and their School Leadership Teams in building a collegial network of school leaders that create open, critical, and mutually supportive campus of learners for adults and children.

Principals and assistant school leaders who have completed one professional year in their position may apply in their second year to participate. As Fellows, school leaders agree to open their campus to critical evaluation of the school’s student achievement measures and work towards measured improvement in their schools. The Fellows program includes two 5-day Summer Institutes and participation in SLC Learning Initiatives. The first Summer Institute is the beginning of the Fellow’s leadership journey and, when combined with the SLC Learning Initiatives, provides a powerful impetus for improved student achievement and change at the school site.

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For additional program-specific questions, please contact Amy Hoyle at or (504) 267-7239.