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The School Leadership Center (SLC) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit dedicated to developing Louisiana’s public and non-public school leaders, and optimizing teaching and learning in the school environment in order to increase student achievement.


Our Mission

The mission of the School Leadership Center of Greater New Orleans is to improve schools by inspiring and developing instructional leadership among principals and other educators, thereby advancing student achievement.

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Our Impact

Over the last 20 years, the School Leadership of Greater New Orleans has been a leading force in the progress of learning institutions and the process of growing leaders for the next generation of students across the southeast Louisiana region. Through our innovative programs, more than 650 school administrators have completed our Fellows program, and dozens of new leaders have been certified through our Alternative Certification program for Educational Leadership. Through our Discovery Walk program, schools participating in four consecutive years grew by an average of 12 SPS points.



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Our Programs

SLC offers a diverse set of services to help raise student achievement by supporting and growing leaders.  Check out our programs below or click on the button to learn more.


Discovery walks

Discovery Walks focus on teaching and learning in the classroom. A unique SLC team of experienced educators and the school principal observe culture, environment and degree of student engagement in each classroom. Observations are recorded on electronic hand-held devices. This data is analyzed by SLC staff and the school principal for common threads and patterns observed. The compiled data is the foundation for a year-long instructional improvement program at the school site.

Professional development

Customized professional development can be created to meet the needs of individual organizations seeking to build capacity at their school site.  Specialists in content areas deliver timely and engaging professional development to help leaders achieve their goals and further the vision of their organization.


Since 1997, more than 650 principals and assistant school leaders from public, private, parochial, and charter schools in Southern Louisiana have completed the two-year leadership training and development program. The Fellows Program is designed to create exceptional school leaders through intensive job-embedded professional development, training, and mentoring. Long-term, comparative data analyses by SLC indicates that schools whose school leaders enrolled in the Fellows Program improved at twice the rate of the state average in their Louisiana Department of Education School Performance Scores.

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School leadership is a critical determinant of student achievement and school improvement. SLC has been chosen by the Louisiana Department of Education and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to prepare critically-needed leaders as Principals through its Alternative Certification Program. Our leadership preparation expands the knowledge and skills of participants through in-depth study while allowing them to reflect on their work and ability. Participants apply newly learned skills in real life settings students through a 125-day, in-school internship period while earning eighteen hours towards a Masters Degree in Education.



"The Discovery Walks with School Leadership Center helped me to get a pulse of the teaching and learning in the school.  That data enabled me to make precise decisions about professional development needed for individual teachers, grade levels, and the school as a whole."

Maria Prout, Principal

Boothville-Venice Elementary School



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