Educators are life-long learners!

Continual growth within schools must be supported with strong and relevant professional learning for leaders and teachers.  SLC experts bring the learning to you through professional development designed to meet your school’s specific needs.

Aspiring Leaders

The Aspiring Leaders Program prepares future school leaders and supports those presently in leadership positions who wish to grow. The year-long, active learning program requires participants to attend four sessions. Aspiring Leaders is a serious examination of leadership, management, curriculum implementation, and supervision skills which propel the participants to envision themselves as future Principals or school leaders.

The Inclusive Classroom

Research shows that students who feel like they belong are more successful in school.  All students deserve to feel like their school is a safe and inclusive place to learn and grown.  Learn how inclusive practices will increase student achievement.

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ACT Aspire and The Writing Workshop

Provide students with the specific guidance and vocabulary they need to navigate and succeed in standardized assessments. Master specific strategies to help students utilize their academic abilities to excel through approaching test-taking as a genre (a particular type of reading and writing).

ACT Aspire and Writer’s Workshop Flyer

SLC Experts also provide structure and guidance to the following important educational processes:

  • Strategic District Planning

  • District/School Vision Development

  • School Improvement Action Plans

  • Providing Teachers with Effective Feedback

  • A Continual Cycle of Improvement

  • Time Management Success

...and much, much more!

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